15+ Interesting Birthday Facts 2022

Surprising Birthday facts

In this article, we are going to discuss facts about your birthday, birthday facts of the month, birthday date many more. so read the article completely. In the previous article, we discussed 40+ unique ways to say good morning to your friends, brother, sister, family, relatives etc.

In this article, we gave information about birthday funny facts, birthday date facts, birthday facts by date, birthday facts by month.

We all celebrate a birthday every year, on the birthday we do parties, cutting the cake, meet relatives, spend time with family, travel with friends. every year celebrate a birthday but never think about the birthday facts.

Birthday facts

Some Interesting Birthday Fact About Your Birthday.

Did you why we cut the cake, why sing a song, who sung birthday song, when and where celebrated first birthday, who celebrated the first birthday, why we blow the candles. you didn’t any fact as we mention don’t worry we gave all information just read the complete article.

40+ Unique Ways To Say Good morning

In the past, people have not a birthday celebration. The History of the birthday celebration tradition was traced way back before Christianity in the past people believe that on their birthday evil spirits visit him. for the protection of the birthday person, all people trying to make evil happy or make noise to scare evil.this is the history of the birthday but is going to give information about birthday facts.

Interesting Birthday facts


Here We provide you 15+ Birthday Facts that you never listened before.

  • In Birthday we cut a cake do you know which country invented cake. its grees. only flor and sugar were used in this cake
  • Did You ever listened to happy birthday music?. your answer is yes lots of time almost at every party. this song was sung by two sisters. its record in Guinness word record book because every 98 people out of 100 people play this song on their birthday.
  • Did You know August is known as the birthday month because almost 9 % of a birthday comes in an august month. after august July and September have more birthdays.
  • Birthday cards are not popular in all over the world even though almost 2 billion cards are sent every year. almost 2 billion dollars are spent on birthday cards in the USA
  • Did You know when your age and birth date are the same your birthday called a golden birthday.exam for your birth date is 19 when you turned 19 years that birthday is your golden birthday.
  • In Britan When you turned 100+ year you received a telegram from the queen of United kingdom.
  • The most Common birt date is 5th October which came after 9 months of the new year.in USA common birth date 22nd May.
  • A long time ago the only king celebrates birthday parties. the common man can calibrate birthday but not can do parties.
  • Did You Know Between your two birthdays your nail grown 4 cm and your hair has grown 12 cm? and the entire world experienced 50,000 earthquakes. Also During that time, you lived 31,536,00 seconds.
  • The greek was the first to put candles on the cake.and as we told you the first cake was invented by grees.
  • Those who born on 29 February means in leap year they celebrate their birthday once in four years.
  • The king Of Brunei was celebrated his 50th birthday and that party was the most expansive birthday party in the world. its worth is 27 billion Dollars.
  • The most Popular Birth date is 25 December means Christmas Day. is the birth date of Jesus Christ.
  • More People are born on Monday to compare to other days.
  • Egyptian kings are not celebrating their birthday on the day were they born. they celebrate their birthday on special occasions.

Fun birthday Facts

Birthday Facts In India

In India, Did You know 14th November was known as children’s day because on that day India’s first Prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s Birthday?

In India, 5th September is known As National Teachers day because on that day well-known person and India’s first Dy.PM Sarvapalli Radhakrushan Was Born.

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